Reputation Matrix

Book coming November 1, 2019

Reputation Matrix

Did you know that there is a strategy for creating positive word-of-mouth in the community and online?

The Reputation Matrix guidebook will show you the 5 strategies that will create mega buzz in your community and online.

These 5 strategies create instant credibility that advertising cannot buy. 

Book coming November 1, 2019 on Amazon.  $9.99

For 25 years, publicist Marjorie Young has been helping small business owners get famous in their communities. 


Melissa Gratias, Ph.D., Productivity Coach, Speaker, and Writer


“The Reputation Matrix™ turns small business marketing on its head. I am a small business owner and thought that word-of-mouth was outside of my control. Marjorie Young’s book has empowered me make word-of-mouth an active marketing practice that I cultivate rather than something I just cross my fingers and hope to receive. This is a game changer! “

Tommy Barton ~ Former Editorial Page Editor Savannah Morning News and President, I Am Not Old News:


“Word of mouth publicity is the secret sauce of marketing. All businesses want it, but relatively few have an idea or a plan of how to make it happen. Veteran Savannah PR guru Marjorie Young unveils the recipe and ingredients in her new book, “Reputation Matrix™.” As the operator of a new company that specializes in travel and food blogging, I found Marjorie’s PR cookbook invaluable, easy to read and packed with useful information that I’m sure to use as I build my own brand. “Reputation Matrix™” should be on the shelf of any businessperson who cares about his reputation and influence.

Roy Austin Author of The Alligator Business Solution-Small Business Competitive Advantage


“I am a firm believer in systematizing business functions to improve productivity, efficiency, on-boarding of new employees, etc.. In Reputation Matrix™ Marjorie Young shows how to systematize the Public Relations function to maximize impact, gain & keep customers, and grow your business. If you are serious about growing your business you MUST read this book. Marjorie breaks PR down into bite-size easily digestive points that you can quickly implement. Her system can be adapted to systematize other business functions making the book an extremely valuable addition to your knowledge. I highly recommend Reputation Matrix™.”

Nipuna Ambanpola Co-Founder & Executive Director, IVolunteer International

“As a start-up nonprofit organization, IVolunteer International will utilize the “Reputation Matrix™” guidebook to establish brand and trust in local communities around the world where we have impact. Reputation Matrix™ has not only enabled us to realize the value of our brand, but has also empowered us to strategize our public relations efforts with reinforced agility. Reputation Matrix™ is a living guide and we will revisit it every year to build our brand and to expose the impact we make in the world, to the world.”

Bonnie Rachael CEO of Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center Inc.


“I'm so excited about this book! It is encouraging, honest and insightful. It is a reminder to me that I need to stay on track of what you have already taught me. I get so busy with the daily grind I let the PR slide sometimes, thank you for the shot in the arm this little book provides, I'm renewed and encouraged in my PR spirit! I can use this to remind myself to get out there, and not a minute too soon. This is a must-read for the nonprofit world too. Most nonprofits have no room in their budgets for advertising nor do they know where to start to raise awareness for their good work. Thank you, Marjorie, for sharing your wisdom and experience so others can be successful entrepreneurs too!

Suzana Barton, President of Happy Great Day


“Building my new company from the ground up felt like climbing a mountain. I couldn’t see the top! I was gripped with fear of the unknown that included material costs, vendor expenses, taxes, and trademark fees. This book is the Ninja Business Skills Roadmap that put me on track. Now I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet, which identifies every step I’m taking on my running start, and an annual marketing plan. “Reputation Matrix™” has helped me replace self doubt with confidence and joy.”